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Teaching the Arts Online

The following is an offering of online learning resources for arts learning in dance, drama, music, and visual arts. These resources were compiled by professional arts specialists on the BYU ARTS Partnership Leadership in response to the social distancing mandates from the State of Utah during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. It is not an exhaustive list and there are many more resources to be found on social media and other websites. These resources support the development of online instructions for students engaged in distance learning as well as regular instructional time.


One of the key learning outcomes of our professional development programs is to understand the social and emotional benefits of the arts.  We all need sources of energy and resiliency during times such as a global pandemic. We hope that in addition to providing online resources for teachers navigating new territory in distance learning that we might also offer the reminder to destress with music, drawing in a sketchbook, or taking a walk in nature. Create your experience by setting an intention each day and living artfully. Listen for the music and dance!


It is important for teachers to be creative, collaborative, and connected in order to help students be creative, collaborative, connected, and ACTIVE during a time of online instruction. Please let us know if you have other needs or resources to contribute to this page. Our collegial collaborations are beneficial for sharing solutions for online learning and other challenges ahead. 

Online Dance Resources


1. BYU ARTS Partnership Lesson Plans can be shared with parents to implement:


arts partnership


2. BTSALP Lesson Plans :





3. Artful Schools offers video instruction in dance and theatre for K-12 learning environments. Sign-up for free and find videos for making shadow puppets and more.



4. Visit NDEO forums, facebook groups, and blogs for more ideas. 





The Utah Education Network has curated lists of resources for parents, teachers, and students here


Online Drama Resources


  • Storyline Online There are many grade level books read very dramatically by actors.  Perhaps links are given to students to listen to certain books, with some guiding questions about how readers use their voices.
  • Listen to selected stories from The Apple Seed Archive Some of the world's best storytellers are on this site.  Also for older students there is the 10 part radio drama of Treasure Island2020 
  • Julie's Greenroom on Netflix is a series about students discovering the theatre. This would be great for K-2 students. It's produced by Jim Henson company featuring Julie Andrews and use muppet-type puppets and live guests many of whom are current Broadway performers. Now, obviously not all children will not have access to that streaming service, but it could be one of some options Drama specialists could offer.
  • There are Youtube options that could be offered to the upper grades, and that's the Animated Shakespeare Tales.  Here's the Hamlet one.  Also and interesting series of animated tales of the world.  Here's the one on Persephone
  • Here's an interactive website on PBS for 3-6th graders to explore scenery in theatre
  • There's a whole series about ANNIE on Broadway with titles like: What does a Stage Manager do? What does a Set Designer do? This one comes with discussion questions and you can use google classroom with it.
  • Here's another link that will lead you to other ones about theatre 
  • Artful Schools offers video instruction in dance and theatre for K-12 learning environments. Sign-up for free and find videos for making shadow puppets and more.
  • WSU Arts Learning has a program on the Tales of Peter Rabbit


The Utah Education Network has curated lists of resources for parents, teachers, and students here







byu radio


Online Music Resources


Online Music Teaching Resources and Lesson Ideas for the BYU Region BTSALP Music Teachers - March 2020


USBE Elementary Songbook (Links to an external site.)
American Folk Song Collection (Links to an external site.) - Holy Names University Kodaly Center
Beth's Notes (Links to an external site.) - song bank is free (click on "Find Songs" button) but Beth's Notes Plus is a subscription service
Mama Lisa's World (Links to an external site.) - international music
Singing Games for Children (Links to an external site.)


Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas
Art Works for Kids (Links to an external site.)
ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy Center (Links to an external site.)
BYU ARTS Partnership (Links to an external site.)
Little Kids Rock (Links to an external site.) - free resources for educators including curriculum and song charts
Music is Elementary (Links to an external site.) - the blog includes lesson ideas by Beth Ann Hepburn and Roger Sams from the Purposeful Pathways series; sign up for their e-newsletter
NAfME (Links to an external site.)
Plank Road Publishing (Links to an external site.) -  click on the "Resources/Help" tab to browse their idea bank or get free downloadables
Teach Rock (Links to an external site.) - TeachRock lesson plans use popular music to help teachers engage students in standards-aligned work across disciplines.
Teaching With Orff (Links to an external site.) - browse the website or sign up  on their mailing list to get up-to-date articles, videos, and lesson plans
Classics for Kids (Links to an external site.)
DSO Kids (Links to an external site.) - (Dallas Symphony Orchestra) - games, listening activities, composer spotlights, and lesson plans
Facebook (Links to an external site.) - join a music discussion group such as "American Orff-Schulwerk Association Discussion Group" or "Feierabend Fundamentals"
Pinterest (Links to an external site.)
YouTube (Links to an external site.) - songs, videos, beat tracks, boomwhacker and ukulele play-alongs, and lessons by music educators like Artie Almeida, Denise Gagne, Rob Amchin



The Utah Education Network has curated lists of resources for parents, teachers, and students here


Music Educator Blogs
Emily's Kodaly Music (Links to an external site.)
Mrs. Miracle's Music Room (Links to an external site.)
Music a la Abbott (Links to an external site.)
Musical Magic (Links to an external site.) - ideas and resources from our own Jeri Crosby
Sing Books with Emily (Links to an external site.) - this site can be a little difficult to navigate if you are looking for a specific idea, but it has great suggestions for books you can sing or put to well-known tunes


Jeri's Youkulele Notes (Links to an external site.) - this site lists one-, two-, three-, and four-chord songs as well as other resources and song lists


Music Education Organizations
UMEA (Links to an external site.) - Utah Music Educators Association
NAfME (Links to an external site.) - National Association for Music Education
Songworks Educators Association (Links to an external site.)
AOSA (Links to an external site.) - American Orff-Schulwerk Association
OAKE (Links to an external site.) - Organization of American Kodaly Educators
UAOSA (Links to an external site.) - Utah Orff-Schulwerk chapter
UFOLKS (Links to an external site.) - Utah Fellowship of Local Kodaly Specialists


Other Resources
The Amazing Slow Downer (Links to an external site.) - a free app that allows you to slow down a music track without changing key
Audacity (Links to an external site.) - A free downloadable audio editor that allows you to edit music tracks. You can change the key, change the tempo, trim, cut and paste, etc.
Finale Notepad (Links to an external site.) - free notation software (for Windows only)
Musicnotes (Links to an external site.) - Purchase and download a variety of sheet music and arrangements and music. It allows you to change to your preferred key before you buy.
West Music (Links to an external site.) - online music store. Their 10” lummi sticks make great  rhythm sticks and their Harmony 1-piece recorders are only $2.40 each. Watch for frequent sales and free shipping.
BTSALP (Links to an external site.) - the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

Online Visual Arts Resources


  1. Art of Education is a great access point for Visual Art teachers.. here are a few of their current articles for suggesting and tips for teaching art from a distance. 




  5. BYU BTS lesson plans can be shared with parents to implement:

  6. BTSALP Lesson Plans :

  7. UEN, Utah Education Network, has some open source text books that students can read as part of an art integration assignment:

  8. Springville Art Museum has a ton of integrated art lessons that could be shared with parents:

  9. Utah Museum of Fine Art lesson plans:

  10. 100 Sketchbook prompt ideas:

  11. YouTube has a vast range of great art making tutorials, skills, techniques, and directional drawing type videos.  Also YouTube has many story books read by the author or another, that could inspire an integrated art lesson or serve as a launch board for a home project.  

  12. Here is a google document originally compiled by Anna Davis for Alpine School District in March 2020

  13. Here is a powerpoint presentation created by Arts Teachers at Lakeview Elementary School in the Provo City School District that shows students how to make a sketchbook at home and ideas for what to create inside their sketchbook. 


art eduensmofa


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The Utah Education Network has curated lists of resources for parents, teachers, and students here



See below or click here to see a video made by Dave Jackman of the Alpine School District for teachers providing distance learning for specialty subjects in his district.

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