Posters for the Classroom

These posters are designed for use in elementary classrooms for teachers who have received professional development in six art forms as well as in arts integration. The posters are designed to complement the Utah Standards in Music, Visual Art, Dance and Drama, as well as the national fine arts standards in those subjects and media arts.
The content of the posters provides vocabulary and concepts that are essential components of arts learning. For teachers, the posters are a cue sheet to remember elements of the art form as they teach the concepts and provide side-coaching during the creation or performance of works. For students, the posters are a word wall, to expand vocabulary with proper spelling and word recognition.


Use the icon below to download the pdf file for each 12 x 18 poster.

Dance poster

Drama poster

Literary Arts poster

Meda Arts poster

Music poster

Visual Arts posters

Creative Consumers posters

Brain Dance poster

Why barefoot